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NFL Week 9 is underway. To keep tabs on some of the choicest highlights and other big news throughout Sunday, keep it here for updates. But first the schedule. Schedule Thursday 34, 21 ( ) Sunday 20, 17 ( ) 23, 20 ( ) 23, 7 ( ) 51, 23 ( ) Colts 20, Texans 14 ( ) 51, 17 ( ) 30, Buccaneers 10 ( ) 20, 49ers 10 ( ) 17, 14 ( ) 28, 17 ( ) Oakland at Miami, 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC ( ) Monday Detroit at Green Bay, 8 Nick Bolton Jersey :30 p.m. ET on ESPN ( )Redskins survive thrilling battle with SeahawksSeattle's four-game win streak was snapped on Sunday thanks to a gritty effort from the Redskins, especially down the stretch. Washington managed to take a late lead thanks in large part to this unbelievable catch by : WHAT A PLAY!Cousins to Doctson. Down inside the 1-yard line.Incredible! NFL (@NFL) That grab set Washington up inside the 1-yard line for the go-ahead touchdown with just under a minute left in the fourth quarter. That seemed like it could be enough time for the Seahawks to mount a game-winning drive, but they lost a significant chunk of time off the clock when was sacked near midfield. Ultimately, the Seahawks got one shot at a Hail Mary but it came down incomplete, and Washington escaped with a huge victory on the road. FINAL: WIN in Seattle! NFL (@NFL) an incredible reverse two-point conversion The greatest reverse 2-point conversion that never was... NFL (@NFL) The Seahawks were trying to even up the game with a two-point conversion when Ru sell Wilson was hit with Super Bowl flashbacks and intercepted on the goal line. The Redskins nearly brought it to the house with the help of a few cuts and laterals, but ultimately wound up about 15 yards short. No points for anyone, but a fun time for all!Cowboys, Chiefs trade big playsThe Cowboys and Chiefs are going head-to-head in an intriguing matchup in Dallas, and the first half was tilted slightly in favor of the 'Boys. and picked up a touchdown through the air and on the ground, the latter coming late in the first half to cap off an 82-yard drive. . !It's a 10-yard TD run for the ! NFL (@NFL) The Cowboys only left 13 seconds left on the clock before halftime, but the Chiefs managed to make the most of that 13 seconds thanks to a 15-yard unsportsmanlike call on Dallas, followed by you may see this season. The Cowboys put seven defenders deep to try and stop a Hail Mary, but a short dump-off to ended in an improbable TD to close out the half. The !Are you kidding?!?TOUCHDOWN! NFL (@NFL) Regardle s of what the final score ends up being, that's an incredibly embarra sing look for Dallas. Woof.Seahawks' defense off to a hot start LOOSE FOOTBALL! NFL (@NFL) The Redskins are having a difficult time with Seattle's defense in the early going. The Seahawks forced a punt on Washington's first drive, a fumble on their second, and a safety on their third. SAFETY! NFL (@NFL) That's definitely not the start the Redskins were hoping for, but at least they've been able to limit the damage on the scoreboard so far. Either way L'Jarius Sneed Jersey , that Washington offensive line is going to need to shape up or they'll be in for a long day. Look away, fantasy owners... Julio Jones got the Sunday Scaries Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) Ouch.(The good news is that Jones still went over 115 yards on six catches. .. but still. That's a horrendous drop.)Wentz and Eagles still flying high . to for SIX...AGAIN. NFL (@NFL) It continues to be a fun year to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Philly quarterback is just carving up the Broncos' defense in a blowout, picking up four more pa sing touchdowns to add to his season total. The 24-year-old Wentz now has a league-leading 23 touchdowns through the air in what looks like it could be an MVP-caliber seasonWe've got a punt return TD PUNT RETURN TD ALERT! ' to the house! NFL (@NFL) The Jaguars are pulling away from the Bengals thanks to this punt return touchdown from 23-year-old rookie -- his first career TD. Down ... not touched ... touchdown He wasn't touched! 80-YARD TOUCHDOWN FOR ! NFL (@NFL) T.Y. Hilton got himself another big gain for a touchdown with this slithery showcase in the third quarter against Houston. There was plenty of confusion when Hilton looked to be tripped up near the 30-yard line, but replays revealed that he was never touched and therefore play was still live when he got up and took it the rest of the way for a TD. That's a good heads-up play by the speedy receiver, who now has over 170 yards and two scores.A whole lot of nasty this weekend Jalen Ramsey and AJ Nick Allegretti Jersey Green getting after it out there Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) It's shaping up to be a nasty weekend in the NFL. A.J. Green and were both ejected just before halftime in Jacksonville. There were clearly some frustrations built up prior to the incident because that's a pretty pedestrian shove from Ramsey that sent Green over the edge. The Bengals wide receiver was so riled up that he not only got the Jaguars cornerback in a chokehold, but he also decided punching Ramsey's helmet would be a good idea. That will earn you an early trip to the showers every time. That wasn't the only altercation, though... Weve got ourselves another NFL fight Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) After exiting the game with an injury, provoked Saints cornerback by poking him near the sideline. Lattimore responded by shoving Winston and was promptly flattened from behind by Tampa's . Once again, things escalated quite quickly. Shockingly, nobody was ejected as a result of the incident in New Orleans. Saints running away with it against Bucs Wow.The ! + for SIX. NFL (@NFL) We've officially reached blowout status in New Orleans, where the Saints are having their way with the Buccaneers. The latest Saints score comes on a Drew Brees-to-Ted Ginn Jr. connection. It resulted in a 30-3 scoreline and a free souvenir for a very young Saints fan, who did not seem to appreciate the gesture from Ginn! This baby really gotta want the football more than this. Serious lack of competitive fire Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) Update: Saints Baby also very emotionally fragile. Draft stock PLUMMETING Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) Rams leaving the Giants in disarray 3rd & 33?Doesn't matter.The are scoring TDs anyway. NFL (@NFL) The Rams brought the NFC's top offensive unit into the Meadowlands this weekend and it looks like they're not George Karlaftis Jersey ready to give up that crown. The Rams are working over the Giants and doing quite a bit of damage. New York can't even manage to stop & Co. when they have them third-and-30-plus. That wasn't the only huge strike in the first half either. This could get ugly ... Wow. Wow. Wowwwwwww. to ...67-yard TOUCHDOWN! NFL (@NFL) Saints score in special style Block the punt. And get SIX!The NFL (@NFL) The had their first punt blocked early on Sunday against the Saints, and New Orleans made it count. It was with the block, which was achieved with relative ease, and the retrieval before taking it into the end zone for six. A delicious Colt 45 PERFECT pa s by .And makes the grab!Touchdown, ! NFL (@NFL) The got off to a quick start against the thanks to this beautiful 45-yard bomb from to TY Hilton. If Bri sett is gunslinging like this all game, it could be a rough day for the Texans' defense.
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